Ordering and delivery

What is your return/refund policy?

We truly believe that you will find great value in your Globox™. All products and experiences have been thoughtfully curated for the theme it expresses. There are no returns or refunds on the Globox™ after it has been shipped. If it hasn’t been shipped yet, and someone cancels their order, we can refund them in full. 

Once shipped, if something arrives damaged or broken, please take a photo of the item, and contact us. A replacement will be sent to you. We really want there to be smiles and happiness with all items.

Why is the Family Fun Globox™ only available to North Okanagan residents?

Right now, we are soft launching our first Family Fun Globox™. As the products and experiences are tourism based, it is geographically focused on the North Okanagan of B.C. for this first run. We are looking forward to expanding Globox™ opportunities soon throughout the entire Thompson Okanagan Region, and then beyond, but this is the starting block for our Globox™ journey now. Thanks for your understanding and please follow our Globox™ adventure here for updates on when more will become available at: http://pages.glohaven.com.

What can I buy if I don't live in the North Okanagan?

COMING SOON... We are excited to soft-launch our Remarkably Loved Globox™ and since the contents are all products and note geographically focused on the North Okanagan, we can market this across Canada. We did a small test run for Mother’s Day and it was very well received like a ‘sensational hug in a box’, so we would like everyone across Canada to enjoy these beautiful products from the Okanagan. This is perfect for a birthday, anniversary gift, Mother’s Day gift, or simply a thoughtful gift to make someone’s day special. 


What is Glohaven Community Hub?

Glohaven is a community-based eCommerce marketplace that makes it easier for people to explore, shop, and support local. 

Glohaven Community Hub is testing an open beta version of our website that can be found at www.glohaven.com. This means we are not done developing the website, but have enough features built to run it at its minimum functionality. Over time, the functionality will increase and new features will appear, so we thank you for your patience. 

We recently introduced Globox™ (tourism gift box) as a fundraising tool for local schools and nonprofits. Supporting the Grade 12 Grads from Kalamalka Secondary School in Coldstream, British Columbia, our first Globox™ became the single most successful fundraising campaign in the history of the school. People loved how Globox™ supported the students as well as local businesses. It was a win-win.

Based on positive feedback and growing demand from the public, we decided to ‘soft launch’ a consumer version of Globox™ through Shopify. We are thrilled to share with you a limited number of our very first Family Fun Globox™ and Remarkably Loved Globoxesavailable to the public.

What is a Globox™?

Globox™ is a tourism gift box featuring local products and experiences. Each Globox™ is thoughtfully curated and features 1 Indigenous product or experience, and 1 product or experience from a Biosphere Committed Company.

What makes Globox™ different from other gift box services?

As everything is online these days, we find the gift box space is a big and beautiful one to share in. There are so many fantastic gift boxes, and so we find ours as a compliment to what is going on, as small to medium-sized businesses everywhere need the support of connecting their products and experiences to wider audiences. 

Our unique touch is that we are directly supporting the tourism industry. Eventually, when www.glohaven.com is fully developed, we will be offering connective value through our vendors having stores on our site, and be able to promote their products and experiences directly through Globox™ with exciting channels. Stay tuned! 

We are also supporting local artists. For each Globox™ sold we will be paying a royalty directly to the artist featured on the cover of each Globox™. 

Will I be able to recycle my Globox™?

The short answer is ‘yes!’ But… we hope you find this Globox™ itself as a gift, and that you can reuse it however you’re inspired to. It’s just too good looking to send it to a blue box… agreed? Are you in love with the cover art? Make sure to look up Raff Vaz from Vaz Art in Vernon, BC and follow her incredible journey as an artist. Visit her website: www.VazArt.com.

I have products and experiences that I’d like to market in your Globox’s™. How do I get connected to this opportunity?

We are excited to get to know more creators of unique local products and experiences. If you think you have a fit for your business within our gift box platform branded Globox™, please contact us.