About Us

 Glohaven is a community-based eCommerce marketplace that makes it easier for people to explore, shop, and support local. 

 Glohaven Community Hub is testing an open beta version of our website that can be found at www.glohaven.com. This means we are not done developing the website but have enough features built to run it at its minimum functionality. Over time, the functionality will increase and new features will appear, so we thank you for your patience. 

We recently introduced Globox™ (tourism gift box) as a fundraising tool for local schools and nonprofits. Supporting the Grade 12 Grads from Kalamalka Secondary School in Coldstream, British Columbia, our first Globox™ became the single most successful fundraising campaign in the history of the school. People loved how Globox™ supported the students as well as local businesses. It was a win-win.

Based on positive feedback and growing demand from the public, we decided to ‘soft launch’ a consumer version of Globox™ through Shopify. (Currently SOLD OUT) We are thrilled to share with you a limited number of our very first Family Fun Globox™, Remarkably Loved Globox™ and Indigenous Globox™ curations.